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Personal Medical Advice

You are able to phone or email The Walcote Practice to request an appointment with one of our doctors. Please note that we strongly advise you against sending any personal medical questions via our website or to our email. This is to ensure that we provide strict medical safety and privacy for our patients. Therefore, if you have a personal medical question, please do not send your medical (or other confidential) details or questions via these routes. If you choose to do so, this is entirely at your own risk. Instead, please arrange an appointment or telephone consultation with one of our doctors at The Walcote Practice, who will be pleased to help you. We do not provide personal medical advice via our website.


Unfortunately, we are unable to guarantee uninterrupted access to this website, or the sites to which it links. We accept no responsibility for any damages arising from the loss of use of this information.


All links from this website are provided for information and convenience only. We cannot accept responsibility for sites linked to, or the information found there. A link does not imply an endorsement of a site; likewise, not linking to a particular site does not imply lack of endorsement.

Website images

All people featured in our website images (other than ourselves) are models, not patients.

Medical Information on the Internet

Please be careful if you use the internet to search for medical information. Anyone can publish anything on the internet, therefore there are many sites written by people who are not qualified to give accurate medical advice. Always check that:

  • the authors and their qualifications are listed (you may wish to conduct further background research on the authors)
  • the website is referring to reliable information
  • the website is regularly updated
  • there is no advertising which might influence the information on the website
  • you are receiving a balanced view; it is best not to rely solely on one website

In addition, it is best to:

  • avoid online consultations or diagnoses
  • check on privacy and confidentiality
  • be aware that websites from outside the UK may mention treatments that are not available within the UK

To make sure that you are provided with the best medical information, please book an appointment at The Walcote Practice where our doctors will be pleased to provide you with accurate and personalised medical advice.