Family Planning & Maternity

Your Private GP Looking After Your Family Planning & Maternity Needs

At The Walcote Practice, our doctors are experienced in assisting with your changing healthcare needs regarding family planning, maternity and postnatal care.

Confidential Contraception

We are able to provide information and advice on a wide range of contraception and to help you select the best contraceptive for you. For your convenience, we are able to prescribe the pill or to fit women with the contraceptive coil or implant on-site. We are also able to perform contraceptive coil removal or implant removal. We offer the services of a female GP Women’s Health specialist.

Conception and Fertility Support from a Private GP

If you decide that you would like to add to your family, our doctors will be pleased to provide you and your partner with advice on optimising your health to assist with conception.

If you are concerned about fertility, we will be able to ensure that you are doing everything to maximise your chances of conception. If necessary, we are able to conduct further tests and/or refer you to a secondary care specialist. Please click here to learn more about our fertility & conception services.

Private Maternity Care

At The Walcote Practice we offer the full range of GP antenatal services, including comprehensive antenatal checks where we assess your blood pressure and glucose levels and listen to your baby’s heart. Care is doctor-led and we are always keen to ensure that you feel able to ask any questions and that you are happy with your health and that of your baby. Antenatal ultrasound scans including dating, anomaly, screening, sexing, bonding and reassurance scans are available to our patients quickly and conveniently.

Postnatal Care and Baby Checks by a Private GP

After the birth of your baby, our doctors at The Walcote Practice are able to monitor the health of both you and your baby, including examining your baby for his or her six week check. (**Please note that, at present, the six week check can only be undertaken at The Walcote Practice’s main surgery and not at our branch surgery**)

We ensure that your body is recovering from the birth and that you are adjusting comfortably to the many additional demands of life with a newborn. Understandably, you may be feeling overwhelmed at this emotional time. We are here to offer support, discuss any concerns, screen for postnatal depression (which affects 10% of women in the UK) and, if necessary, to offer treatment and follow up to help get life back on track.

We are also able to discuss your contraceptive needs and prescribe your contraception, or to fit you with a contraceptive coil or implant.