Health Screening including TruCheck™ Cancer Panels

Health Screening by Your Private GP

Health Screening refers to the process of identifying people who may be at increased risk of a disease or medical condition, even though they are apparently healthy at present.

Health Screening tests look for diseases before you have any symptoms. The tests aim to find diseases early, when they’re easier to treat. Treatment for the disease can start earlier and so it is much more likely to be successful.

We will only recommend the health screening that is appropriate to you as an individual. Which screening tests you require will depend on your age, sex, family history, and whether you have risk factors for certain diseases. Your tests may take place in our consultation room and/or in a local hospital with specialist equipment.

Examples of conditions for which doctors commonly screen include:

  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Heart disease
  • Cancers such as bowel, breast, cervix or prostate
  • Osteoporosis

Examples of health screening tests that we may carry out or order, could include:

  • Measuring your height and weight
  • Taking your blood pressure
  • Checking your skin for moles and skin cancers
  • Blood or urine tests
  • ECG
  • Mammogram

We will discuss the results of any Health Screening test with you. If the test is clear, depending upon your risk factors, we will decide if you may need to be screened again in the future.

If the screening test shows anything worrying, we will discuss the best next steps with you. We can offer you more detailed information, further tests and appropriate treatment to reduce your risk and/or any complications arising from the disease or condition. We are also able to refer to a leading panel of hospital consultants, should more specialist treatment be required.

TruCheck™ Cancer Screening by Blood Test

Trucheck Intelli is a revolutionary blood test which can help find cancer early, before you show symptoms.

Trucheck Intelli can find over 70 types of solid organ cancers. It detects common cancers such as Breast, Lung, Prostate and Bowel and many other cancers which are not routinely screened for. These cancers account for 81% of all cancer cases globally.

When cancer is present in someone, it sheds tiny cells and tumour fragments into the bloodstream, called circulating tumour cells (CTCs). These cells are the main reason cancer eventually spreads in the body, especially if they move in clusters (a group). Trucheck can detect them from your blood sample and indicate the likely organ of origin.

  • In clinical studies, Trucheck™ has a sensitivity of 88% in the detection of cancer at all stages and types. Further Trucheck™ intelli has an accuracy of 96% in determining the tissue or organ of origin in positive cases.
  • Real-world data has shown a sensitivity, depending on the tumor, of 65% – 89% and a specificity of 96% – 99%.
  • Trucheck™ detects cancers irrespective of the extent of the disease, thus even early-stage cancers are reliably observed.

Individual cases will need to be discussed and full consent obtained to proceed but should you be interested in the Trucheck Intelli test or in any aspects of health screening, please do not hesitate to contact the practice.