Our Prices

The Walcote Practice is pleased to bring affordable Private GP Services to the people of Winchester and the surrounding areas. Please see our Schedule of Fees below for detailed information on the costs of our wide range of services.

Annual Healthplan

In addition to standard appointments, we offer an Annual Healthplan at The Walcote Practice. This is available to both individuals and families. It offers multiple benefits and enables you to spread lower payments throughout the year to cover the costs of your private GP healthcare with our doctors. It includes:

Individual Subscription

  • Six GP consultations per year
  • Priority Appointments
  • Full Annual Health Check for adults
  • All telephone, vaccine and travel advise
  • All repeat prescriptions and reasonable admin
  • Free flu vaccine

Family Subscription (2 adults + all children up to 18 yrs)

  • 10 GP consultations per year which may be spread throughout your family members
  • Priority appointments
  • Full Annual Health Check for adults
  • All telephone, vaccine and travel advice
  • All repeat prescriptions and reasonable admin
  • Free flu vaccines

To learn more about our Annual Healthplan, please click here.

The Walcote Practice Schedule of Fees

Consultations (cost includes in-appointment administration & referrals)
Video Consultation – 20 minutes£95*
Video Consultation – 30 minutes£135*
Telephone Consultation – 20 minutes (new & existing patients)£95* (pro rata if longer)
Telephone Consultation Review – 10 minutes (existing patients only)£40*
Consultation at practice premises – 20 minutes£95*
Consultation at practice premises – 30 minutes£135*
Home Visitfrom £195
Travel Advice Consultation£30*
Vaccination Consultation£30
Skin Check£55*
Annual Healthplan Subscription (includes multiple consultations throughout the year, priority appointments, annual health check for adult/s, free flu vaccine, all telephone, vaccine and travel advice, all repeat prescriptions and all reasonable admin).
Individual Subscription – patient 0-30 yrs£42£476
Individual Subscription – patient 31-44 yrs£65£740
Individual Subscription – patient 45-59 yrs£69£778
Individual Subscription – patient 60 yrs and over£76£866
Family Subscription – 2 parents up to 30 yrs + children up to 18 yrs£102£1,165
Family Subscription – 2 parents 31-59 yrs + children up to 18 yrs£118£1,341
Other price plans will be considered for different family circumstances or for groups of peoplePrices available at time of enquiry
Health Screening
Well Person Full Health Check (tailored to individual patient, includes initial consultation & report)£235+* depending upon extra tests required
Sexual Health Screen (consultation, investigations and follow up)from £225 depending upon extra tests required
Mother & Baby Check£180
Baby Check£95
Minor Skin Surgeryfrom £235
Joint/Soft Tissue Injectionfrom £120
Treatment of Wart, Verruca or Small Skin Lesionfrom £95
Ear Syringing£75
Contraceptive Coil Fitting, Exchange or Removalfrom £125
Contraceptive Implant Fitting, Exchange or Removalfrom £135
Providing a Prescription or a Repeat Prescription£10*
Providing a Repeat Prescription with Phone Consultation£40*
Blood & Pathology Tests (consultation fee will also apply)
Blood Tests (full range available)variable fees
Allergy Screeningfrom £65
Blood Group£35
Cholesterol/Lipid Profile£40
Chickenpox, Hepatitis B, Measles, Mumps or Rubella Immunity Testingfrom £34
Tuberculosis (TB) Testing (Quantiferon Gold)£75
COVID-19/Coronavirus Siemens Total Antibody Test (includes consultation)£125
COVID-19/ Coronavirus Viral PCR Swab (incl consultation)£165
Cervical Smear (additional £65 with HPV testing)from £125
Investigations (consultation fee will also apply)
Spirometry (lung function testing)£45
ECG (heart tracing)£45
X-rayfrom £99
Ultrasound Scanfrom £99
CT Scanfrom £335
MRI Scanfrom £355
Full range of other investigations availablePrices available at time of consultation
Travel Vaccinations (per dose). For each appointment where one or more vaccines are given, an appointment charge of £30 applies.
Hepatitis A£50
Hepatitis B£35
Hepatitis A & B£59
Japanese B Encephalitis£88
Meningitis ACWY£59
Tick Borne Encephalitis£60
Yellow Fever (with ICVP Certificate)£60
MalariaTablets available on private prescription
Other Vaccinations (fee per dose). For each appointment where one or more vaccines are given, an appointment charge of £30 applies.
Flu (Influenza) Vaccine for Adults or Children* (Registered patients only)
Flu Vaccine Spray (for children only)£45 (Registered patients only)
Pneumococcal Adult/Child£70/£85
Shingles (Zoster)£160
Meningitis B£115
*Gardasil 9* – (New HPV vaccine, protects against 9 types of HPV)£145
Whooping Cough (Pertussis)£70
Other vaccinations, including childhood vaccinations, are available if requiredPrices available at time of enquiry
Insurance Claim Forms etcfrom £30
Passport Formsfrom £25
Private Sick Note£10
Medicals & Reports
Employment Medicalsfrom £135
OGUK Offshore Medical (Oil & Gas)£150
OGUK Offshore Medical with Fitness to Train£165
Renewable Energy Industry Medical (with Chester Step Test)£195
Sports Events Medicalsfrom £135
Insurance Medicalsfrom £135
Driving Medicals (Group 2 HGV/ LGV/ Bus, Taxi, other occupational driving medicals)from £135
Overseas Visa Medicalsfrom £135
Drug & Alcohol Screening Medicalsfrom £160
Mental Capacity Assessment – LPA, Willsfrom £250
Other Medicals & Reports – please enquire about specific item requiredPrices available at time of enquiry

* Free within Annual Healthplan

Please note that prices may be subject to change from time to time and will be updated above accordingly.


We accept payments by card and cash at our reception. A Direct Debit can be set up to pay for your Annual Healthplan subscription.