Health Checks

Your Full Health Check By Your Private GP

At The Walcote Practice, we are able to treat short and long-term illnesses as and when you require. However, we also believe that it is very important to set aside dedicated time with you (eg, once a year) to carry out a full Health Check and to create a personalised Wellness Plan. 

Our aim is to help you progress towards, and then maintain, an optimal and enjoyable state of health.

What happens at a Health Check?

A Health Check is a full health MOT which we specifically tailor to you. Your private GP will assess any risks to your health by:

  • Discussing your current health, your medical history and that of your close family members.
  • Examining you.
  • Ordering any appropriate Health Screening tests based on your specific risk factors. Click here to learn more about Health Screening.

At your follow up appointment we will discuss the results of your tests. We will then work with you to create a bespoke and realistic personalised Wellness Plan, designed to improve your health and to keep you feeling well and enjoying life.

Personalised Wellness Plan

Elements of your Wellness Plan may include, if required:

  • Advice and setting of health goals tailored to you, eg regarding factors such as diet, exercise, stress management etc.
  • Referral for consultations with allied health professionals, eg physiotherapists.
  • Ordering further medical tests.
  • Starting treatment for any conditions discovered through your Health Screening tests.
  • Referral to a medical specialist.

Please note that your private GP is able to arrange further appointments to work together on meeting the health goals in your Wellness Plan. Our doctors are always delighted to see patients beginning to feel better as they work towards their goals.

We are able to carry out Health Checks annually to ensure we keep on top of any potential health problems, or more or less frequently as appropriate.