Quality At The Walcote Practice

The Walcote Practice (TWP) is strongly committed to continuous quality improvement. Our focus on attaining the highest standards practice-wide and on providing the best medical service to patients is reflected in our extensive ongoing programme of audit and quality improvement activity.

Please see below for some examples:

Minor Surgery: TWP undertakes a range of minor surgery procedures here at our practice in Winchester, including mole, cyst and skin tag removal and treatment of warts and verrucae.  We also carry out pain relief injections and sutures for patients presenting with minor injuries.  Our audit of all minor surgical procedures undertaken in 2018 showed that almost all procedures undertaken demonstrated excellent cosmetic and/or functional results when patients attended for follow up and that wound infection rates were very low. Of over 540 procedures undertaken, only 5 showed minor complications, all of which resolved to leave good or fair wound healing.

Quality of Consultations & Treatment: This audit investigated the treatment and care provided to our patients.  Areas examined included the provision of a safe and private environment, provision of information, the involvement of patients in decision making and follow-up care to ensure maintenance of health, and the provision of effective co-ordinated care when external referrals were necessary. Our culture of high quality care at TWP was echoed in the positive results of this audit.

Stakeholder Surveys: These surveys invited patients, families, carers and staff to give their opinions regarding whether TWP is Safe, Effective, Well-Led, Responsive and Caring. These are the five key questions used by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) to assess medical practices. People undertaking TWP surveys were asked to rate the practice against a range of statements. We were delighted when survey results revealed ratings in these areas ranging from 91-98%.

Continuous Quality Improvement: We are always striving to further improve patient care, internal processes and protocols, and to maximise our service offerings at TWP.  We believe that our internal practices should support the human rights of patients and staff by promoting open communications and the involvement of all stakeholders in the service provided.

Our Quality Improvement (QI) Strategy helps us to deliver a high-quality primary healthcare service which continually maintains and improves standards.  In our recent QI audit, almost all of our standards/procedures were being fully met.  The one area in which the standard was being partially met is concerned with setting up a Patient & Public Involvement Panel – should you be interested in participating in this, please click here.

QI activities since undertaken 2018 have included:

  • expansion of the practice’s clinical capacity – achieved via the creation of a further consultation room and the recruitment of an additional GP
  • the recruitment of a Practice Manager
  • expansion of practice services – Dr Hillier has obtained a further qualification which enables him to carry out Oil & Gas Medicals
  • purchase of additional medical equipment to enhance service offerings
  • implementation of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

The Walcote Practice always endeavours to deliver the highest quality service to our patients and we welcome your input.  To leave feedback about your experience with us or to make suggestions, please click here or alternatively put a comment/suggestion into our Patient Comments box in reception during your next visit.

To experience our high levels of patient care for yourself or to enquire about any aspect of our healthcare services, please call us now on 01962 828715 or email info@thewalcotepractice.co.uk