Cryosurgery Comes to The Walcote Practice

The Walcote Practice is delighted to offer a brand new service from our branch surgery just outside Winchester (fully accessible premises with free on-site parking).

Our experienced GPs are able to use liquid nitrogen to treat a wide variety of surface skin lesions (abnormal areas of skin) including warts and verrucae, a range of lumps and bumps, skin tags and more. Unfortunately, this service is no longer offered by many NHS GP practices.

Cryosurgery – a skin-freezing treatment – is quick and simple. It is delivered by the GP using a cotton bud or spray gun, and it lasts only a matter of seconds for each surface skin lesion. Multiple skin lesions can be treated at one appointment. No special preparation is required by the patient, and local anaesthetic is not usually required for the procedure. Wound care is generally straightforward.

Wart on thumb
Seborrhoeic keratoses

The risks of cryosurgery are usually minor, however our GPs will discuss these with you in full to ensure your understanding, and answer any queries you may have, before any treatment.

Although typically successful, a series of cryosurgery treatments may be required in order to fully address a skin lesion, either within one appointment or across a few appointments, or a different treatment may be recommended by the GP.

Should you wish to book an appointment with Dr Nat Athaullah or Dr Karen Liu to discuss whether cryosurgery may be appropriate for your skin lesion/s, or to undertake cryosurgery treatment with The Walcote Practice, please phone 01962 828715.

Skin tags
Angioma on the skin
Plantar wart on toe