Safe, Effective & Well-Led – Patient Survey Results

As part of regulatory requirements, best practice and in line with our ethos, The Walcote Practice is required to provide healthcare that is Safe, Effective, Caring, Responsive and Well-Led (key areas).

As an integral component of our Quality Assurance (QA) processes, and our culture of quality and continuous improvement, we regularly gather data on the opinions of our stakeholders (eg patients, their families, friends, carers and advocates) regarding the healthcare service provided by The Walcote Practice in order to:

  • Inform stakeholders of the standards of performance at which The Walcote Practice aims to operate
  • Seek their views on the performance of The Walcote Practice against those standards
  • Involve stakeholders as much as possible
  • Provide statistical data which can be used in The Walcote Practice QA processes to improve performance

Stakeholder Survey Approach

During the month of February 2024, patients, their families, friends, carers and advocates were surveyed via a written Practice Performance Questionnaire regarding their opinions on whether The Walcote Practice is Safe, Effective and Well-Led (therefore encompassing three key areas). We also invited any comments and suggestions that they may have for improvements.

On each survey, a series of statements was made regarding the expected standards of performance against the key areas, and participants then scored their response based on how strongly they agreed with each statement. All participants were offered the option of returning each survey anonymously. The data returned by the surveys was then analysed in depth.



Safe, Effective and Well-Led

89% of patients invited to undertake a survey did so, which was very helpful.

Very positively, every patient and relative, friend or carer either agreed or strongly agreed with the survey statements if they had had experience of that area. This resulted in an excellent rating of 94% for The Walcote Practice for performance across the areas of Safe, Effective and Well-Led. This is very welcome feedback and The Walcote Practice will of course continue to strive to maintain these high standards.

Many positive and encouraging written comments were also received from participants – please see our Testimonials page for this under ‘February 2024, Survey Responder’.

Actions – You Said, We Did

In this survey, two participants requested improved parking. However, in response to previous patient feedback, since early 2023 The Walcote Practice has been pleased to offer free on-site parking at our fully accessible Branch Surgery in a state-of-the-art building at Chilcomb Park. This suggests therefore that we may need to do more to raise patient awareness of our branch surgery and its parking facilities, and as a result we are working to do this, eg via a Patient Folder notice at the Main Surgery, increased information on our website etc.

Your Involvement

We strive to make The Walcote Practice the best that it can be. Your opinion is important to us and your suggestions are much appreciated.

We would like to thank the patients and their families, friends, carers and advocates who provided their helpful feedback within this survey.

If you would like to help shape the services offered by The Walcote Practice, you can join our virtual Patient Participation Group (vPPG) – we would then contact you by email every now and again to ask you a question or two. We will certainly not bombard you and you can request to be removed at any time. Should you be interested, please complete our vPPG Joining Form here and return it to or to Angela Ward, Practice Manager, The Walcote Practice, Southgate Chambers, 37-39 Southgate Street, Winchester, Hampshire, SO23 9EH.