Watch a Minor Surgical Procedure at The Walcote Practice

The Walcote Practice offers a professional and comprehensive minor surgery service to patients. Our experienced doctors are able to remove a variety of superficial bothersome blemishes such as troublesome cysts, moles, skin tags, lumps and bumps. We are also able to treat warts, verrucae, thread veins, blood spots and more.

We always ensure that patients are comfortable and our GPs provide reassurance throughout the procedure. We aim for the best cosmetic result at all times.

Below please find a short video of myself, Dr Nicholas Hillier, undertaking an epidermal cyst removal procedure for a patient. You will be able to see the appearance of the skin beforehand, the application of anaesthetic, the cyst removal and the final cosmetic result. Please be aware that this video contains images of blood and of a surgical procedure.

If you wish to contact The Walcote Practice with regards to finding out whether minor surgery may be appropriate for a personal skin issue, please phone 01962 828715 or email