The Walcote Practice Services During COVID-19

The Walcote Practice will be remaining operational during the COVID-19 pandemic, wherever possible, in order to support patients and relieve the burden on the local NHS.

You may note some changes to the way we practise. Firstly, you will be offered video or telephone consultations in preference to face to face encounters, in order to comply with current lockdown, social distancing and isolation advice and to protect both you and our staff. Should direct examination be necessary, you will be telephone-screened and either invited to attend examination or referred as appropriate. The reception area has been reconfigured to facilitate social distancing and as few staff as possible will be present.

The Walcote Practice has prepared for remote care. In most cases we can still provide standard blood tests through home fingerprick testing, returned by post. Repeat prescribing and necessary reviews continue to be offered. X-ray, ultrasound, CT and MRI scans are available through our partners to those who require urgent imaging. Routine referrals may have to wait until restrictions are lifted. Many of the local private hospital facilities have now been co-opted to NHS service, however we can still access urgent private specialist advice and care from our trusted network of consultants.

The Walcote Practice is particularly keen to ensure that your mental health is supported through this stressful period. We have the facility to offer dedicated video/telephone appointments with Dr Jamie Coutts Donald, our GP with specialist expertise, as well as with the rest of our clinical team.

To best protect yourself against coronavirus, lifestyle and dietary measures are extremely important. Ensure that you exercise daily (this can also be undertaken indoors) and that your intake is varied and nutritious, including fresh foods rich in anti-oxidants. For further useful tips about optimising your physical and mental health during this time, please click here. For information about coronavirus treatment and testing please click here.

At-risk patients such as those on immunosuppressants including steroids, current cancer treatment or without spleens please ring and book a strategic telephone/video consultation so that we can provide bespoke advice and discuss specific treatment options with you.

Should you have any requirements relating to your general health, or specifically to coronavirus infection, we remain available to you. To arrange an appointment with one of our doctors please call 01962 828715 or email

Please continue to refer to our website and health blogs for updated information on managing your health during COVID-19 and to be kept updated on our available coronavirus tests. We wish you and your loved ones all the very best at this difficult time. Keep well.