The Contraceptive Conundrum and the Menopause Maze

We are aware that certain important life events frequently lead patients to seek health advice. Two such occasions that often cause women to consult a doctor include the need to discuss contraception/family planning, and the onset of menopause.

Confused lady

The wide range of ‘advice’ published in the media and online can be a minefield of contradictory, confusing and even misleading information. It is important to realise that there is no “one approach fits all” method of addressing such life events. In these situations, good medical advice can make a real difference, however any medical advice must be provided by a professional and be specifically tailored to the individual woman concerned.

At The Walcote Practice, all of our Private GPs provide Women’s Health services and we are delighted to offer the expertise of Dr Sharon Rachman, a highly experienced GP with a special interest in Women’s Health. Dr Rachman holds multiple Women’s Health qualifications and has extensive skills in helping women to optimise their health and wellbeing.

Dr Rachman will carefully listen to your health concerns and symptoms before examining you if necessary. She will explain the options available and will work together with you to help you choose the best next steps, both lifestyle and/or medical, to address your health needs and enable you to achieve your individual health goals.

If contraception is required, for your convenience Dr Rachman is able to fit and remove both contraceptive coils and implants on-site at The Walcote Practice, or to prescribe medication if required.

Dr Rachman’s expertise and her very approachable manner are greatly appreciated by patients – we’re always hearing about what a positive difference she has made to their health.

If you would like to know more about our Women’s Health services, please click here.

If you would like to book an appointment with Dr Rachman to discuss these, or any other, health issues, please phone 01962 828715.